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Apr 14, 2017

Lisa England embarked on her first solo trip at the age of 19, to Nepal. When Lisa visited the country, Nepal was going through a civil war at the time! Lisa just knew in heart that she had to go see this country and she had to go see it now! In fact, Lisa wanted to dive headfirst into the culture so fast, she ended up going to the hospital several times for food poisoning. Today, Lisa is in a committed relationship, and still finds ways to explore new cities solo. Discovering a new city is one of the best ways to help empower yourself, and it gives you a great refresh from the same old routine.


Key Takeaways:

*What was going on in Lisa’s life when she decided to take her first solo trip?

*What were some of Lisa’s highlights from her trip to Nepal?

*How did Lisa navigate being sick in a foreign hospital at the age of 19?

*Hospitals like Nepal do not have the same luxuries the way U.S. hospitals do, like nicely painted walls, and sugar in the medicine.

*Lisa got sick so many times because she wanted to dive right into the culture. Her friends did the same thing, and it took them about 18 months to finally get used to the food.

*How has solo travel continued to be apart of Lisa’s life, now that she’s gotten older?

*If you find yourself on a solo work trip, take advantage of it!

*Don’t be afraid to ask the locals what you should check out.

*What have been some of Lisa’s most recent trips this year?

*What are some of the top things Lisa must check out, when she’s in a new city?

*Lisa is in a relationship, how does solo travel work around that?

*More women believe that if they didn’t travel solo, they’d be a hot mess at home.

*Schedule a time for self-care! You will thank yourself for it, before you get back to your ‘usual’ routine.


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